FILM SCANNING up to 4K Cinema+ (4096x3000)

Receive * .mp4 or * .avi file from your old narrow films, digitized

and ready to play on all devices.

16mm, 8mm (regular 8) and super 8, 9.5 pathé, all with or without sound. We transfer it well right away, so you never have to do it again.



16 MM

16mm is the oldest film format, from 1920

8 MM

8mm The first consumer format since 1932


The variant of

8 mm, from 1965 on the market

Unique in the Region, no extra costs and ... tasty coffee



Call or email for an appointment

Would you prefer to be present yourself when transferring narrow film? We offer you this opportunity. You are there from the beginning. That way you see all the steps that are taken to transfer your films professionally.


We are happy to meet the wishes of customers who do not want to lose sight of their dear memories. If you want to make use of this, please first make an appointment via


Within a range of 15 km

Collect or bring?


Use our special service to have your film material collected. We pick up on Tuesday and Friday between 1-6 in the afternoon. Orders must meet the minimum € 100 order amount. This unique service is valid within a radius of 15 km from our studio.


You can request a collection by sending an email to, or call us on 0651172829


Send your package to: Binckhorstlaan 36

(UNIT C345) 2516 BE in The Hague.

Clearly state your instructions on a letter in the box.


Muller HDS+ , de best scanner !

The Muller HDS + offers frame-by-frame scanning without sprockets. The wetgate module supports all film formats.


The only scanner that offers wetgate for sizes from 8 mm to 16 mm. The adjustable LED lighting makes it easy to capture all films, from normal / super 8 to color negative / reversible 16 mm.


The modular scanner is future-proof, cameras can be changed.


The Muller HDS + is used by renowned film archives, professional film studios and scan / digitization companies around the world.


The scanner is designed without gears and grippers. We can scan all film formats, even if the film is damaged such as a shrunken film.


PTR rolls are installed to remove dust and dirt from the film.

Frequently asked questions


Since the scanner takes 1 photo of each frame (frame),

the raw file is very large.


30 minutes of film = uncomplicated approximately 160 GB (* .avi)

With these uncompressed images we can then:


Stabilize: the jerky movements are reduced

Restoration: remove dirt / grain and add sharpness


After this entire process we can encode the file (= make it smaller)

to a * .MP4 file.

In the example above, the size is then, depending on compression method,
inbetween 3 GB and 16 GB


How many minutes is a film reel? It is for people who use this technique

have not experienced the number 1 question yourself.


Understandable, since this immediately indicates the costs.

You can estimate this yourself by looking at the coil or one

minute table on the coil.


Even clearer is the free Kodak app, which you can download here for IOS and Android


KODAK’s Film Calculator gratis downloaden voor IOS of Android

With just a few simple details, the KODAK Film Calculator offers the answer! Use this KODAK Cinema tool to determine the running time for each film length in any format, including Super 8 and 16 mm. The film length can be entered in feet or meters. It is simple, accurate and within reach.


Note: 8 mm or double 8 = 16 fps



All outputs possible


Digital films on an external USB disk as data, or as a DVD disc. Easily send via WETRANSFER

you can view, edit or share.

We deliver your digitized films in the MPEG-4 format as standard. This is because it is easy to play on the most common devices such as tablets, laptops, telephones and smart televisions. Moreover, the file size is reasonable, which means that a complete collection of films can easily be put on a USB stick.


There are also other delivery options for professional use. We can deliver digital files to consumers, but also to companies, archives and government institutions. Delivery is possible in any resolution (from HD to 4K) and aspect ratio (4: 3, 16: 9, customization). Formats that we can deliver after digitization are:


AVI (8 bit of color information, uncompressed)

DPX (10 bit LOG of color information, uncompressed)

TIFF (12 bit of color information, uncompressed)


It is also possible to supply other formats, such as ProRes4444, ProRes422 (HQ), ProRes422 (Proxy). Is the desired format not listed? No problem, we are happy to think along with you for a suitable solution.

Favorite choice


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