or do you rather have DVD ?

We transfer all systems in our studio. Click here for an overview.

You can always come by to orientate yourself.

Thanks to our large amount of equipment, most orders are ready within 24 hours. You do not like to give up your personal belongings, we understand that.


It is reassuring for our customers to see that everything happens in their own studio. We never send anything.

fast, faster, fastest



Combine a day in The Hague

We understand better than anyone that customers do not like to lose sight of their precious images for 14 days or longer, as is often the case with our colleagues. With us, 95% of all assignments are ready within 24 hours.


But that can be even faster!

Especially for clients outside the region, we are happy to organize the studio differently. It happens that customers hand in 10 video tapes at 1 am and pick them up again at 4 am.


In the meantime you can visit Scheveningen or Kijkduin, shop in the center or combine with family visits.


Note: This service is only by APPOINTMENT.


Only the best for your precious material

We are a company with Chamber of Commerce number and VAT payments. Not a hobby that got out of hand and that is controlled from home or attic room. That is why customers like to visit our studio. We radiate experience and confidence, partly due to the choice of our studio equipment.


There is a big difference between the consumer video recorder and the professional sector.

Because we find it important that the video tapes do not get stuck or break, we play the material in high-quality machines.


Choose the medium that fits best

At, we adhere to the highest standards regarding the services we offer and in every aspect of the work we do. We are qualified to meet all your needs. Take a look at the services we offer and choose the format of delivery.

Method 1 (most ordered)

VIDEO to MP4 file

Compressed directly to USB or HARD Disk is the most used method at the moment. Because the DVD player is no longer supplied as standard in laptops and computers and the traditional DVD player also disappears from the front room.


The compression means that the files are not too large and therefore easy to store in the cloud. 60 minutes is approximately 1 GB


The source material is converted to MP4 files (h.264).

These files are playable on both Windows and Apple computers.

You can also get started right away if you want to edit the files

Most TVs have a USB input. You can then play directly from stick

Place the stick in the decoder of your provider (for example Ziggo) and the videos can be watched over the entire network.

You can also opt for PRORES 422, this is a format for the professional user. Call or email for the possibilities.

Method 2


DVD is a good backup. This is often the first step after the video tapes have been in the closet for 10 to 30 years. The files on the DVD are * .VOB files and can be played on the DVD player, a blu-ray player or via the computer. .

You cannot directly import the VOB files for editing.


With the help of free software you can rip the DVD to AVI or MP4 files, for example. Click here for the instruction video. If you cannot solve it yourself, we can also arrange this for you.

Method 3


Via wet transfer you can also have the files obtained according to method 1 sent directly to your e-mail address. You will receive an email with a download link. By pressing this link the files will be put to your download folder. From there you can put the files yourself on a stick or external hard drive. You can also forward the mail to family or acquaintances so that they also receive the images.



Look no further, you have to be here to recall your new SmartTV. Whether it is about photos, slides, gel sound coils, super8, 16mm, betamax, VHS or I know a lot more, it will just be digitized for posterity at this address, even if you don't have one! I have even heard that they can digitize very old rpm records for you.

Prices are also OK.

Leo Boedels

Have something put on DVD several times. Very satisfied with this company. Good and fast service and good thinking! Recommended!

Barbara Boschma

I am very satisfied. Fast service very good value. And I enjoyed the video that I had transferred to DVD. Highly recommended. And I will definitely come again for other bands to be transferred. Thanks for the good service. Mvg Amanda Old Church.



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